Social network should be censorship-resistance

Social network has taken an important role in our daily life. The first app we open everyday is usually a social media mobile app. However, the existing social networks are not only centralized, the tech giants take all the wealth and infringe users’ privacy. They also become a tool for controlling the citizens by the government. The NSA, CCP, Hong Kong government, etc can access those centralized platforms to identify a single person and arrest them for any speech in order to spread the white terror and create chilling effect. We have already witnessed a lot of cases in recent years. Politicians, social workers, activists have been arrested due to some public speeches on forums and social media platforms. Those centralized platforms also censor the content and remove any evidences of unlawful acts the government officials have done that users have published. This totally suppresses the freedom of speech.

Freedom of Speech is a fundamental element of Democracy. A decentralized and censorshop-resistance social network is needed . We are building DESMOS, a decentralized social network. The decentralized social network should let users express themselves freely without being worried of being identified by anybody. It doesn’t mean anyone can say anything without thinking of consequences. It lets the community to show their mutual respect. The social network is only a protocol of refactoring the user interactions and reward the community contributions. It is neutral. It rewards the good. It punishes the bad. Frontend developers can build DApps to let different users interact with the network. They are façade of the network. They can look like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discourse. It all depends on how the UX is designed. Users can post and chat freely and be incentivized by contributing to the communities.

In the current movement in Hong Kong, I see people being arrested because of suggesting some ideas on Telegram and LIHKG (a popular Reddit like forum in Hong Kong), beautiful Lennon Walls being destroyed by pro-Bejing gangsters, videos of Hong Kong police beating protestors being deleted by Facebook. I know this is not just happening in Hong Kong but everywhere in the world. I do want to build a decentralized network that can serve a purpose and let people use it out of fear. That’s how people should be connected.


Besides censorship-resistance, social networks have to deal with collusion & identity.

This timely post from Jack on Bluesky is definitely welcomed and we’ll see many iterations over time.


I agree dealing with collusion and identity is a big issue. We are studying a solution as well. Let’s tackle all these issues together. We have been working on Desmos for some time and we are announcing the incentivized testnet programme today.


Agreed! We’ll get a meeting setup with the Forbole team soon. Adriana should be reaching out.


Centralized Social Networks are a catastrophic invention. So much power in the hand of so few. Users have no control over their data & soon find out that their data+opinion is sold to the highest bidder.

Great to see you guys building Desmos and its necessary governance mechanisms.