OpenLibra + Virgo

what are the goals of the open Libra project?

What exactly does that have to do with the Virgo project?

Is open Libra also to be some kind of a basket currency?


I think this is a question to all of us how we can use this tech to fit in Virgo. We need to build a totally new financial system which won’t go back to the traditional negative loop.

1 Like I think should be managed by the UDV under precise explicit rules about how to help communities be more transparent and accountable, and provide operational services to these communities as defined by some protocol between DAOs and the UDV/CommunitySupport DAO.

OpenLibra is a movement under a common banner and different communities, although this is also in flux at the moment.

Virgo/OpenLibra in my mind is about creating a better platform for our monetary system. And between OpenLibra and Virgo there ought to be a financial research and advisory group that makes recommendations about monetary policy.

Just some open thoughts, but these are not final. I’m looking forward to your thoughts and contributions!


Bitcoin was invented to be a solution to the existing problems. It should be a payment system but now a lot of people see it as a store of value and just hodl. Although many of the original features and visions are still there, it has been manipulated by a lot of people from the traditional financial system. Is clearly that the first step is very important. The 7 sins make people create harms and being lazy to ignore problems. How the DAO work can only be decided by a small group of people and this group has to truly believe the new monetary system can build a community that even those don’t see the problems will believe in this and follow.

I will consult some professionals who want to put out this fire together, ask them to join this movement and see how we can contribute.

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