Invite Policy & Category Moderation

I’ve enabled the discourse feature that allows a group to moderate a category.
Rather than keeping registrations closed and invite only, I’ve also opened up registration to the public (with Github optionally).
Staff isn’t required to approve of registrations.
This might change but keeping it open for now.
I wonder if there is a peer invite system possible for discourse.


I figured out how to do a peer invite system on Discourse using a test account.

  1. On any forum click on “Share”

  1. After opening “Share”, click on “Send an invite”


  1. Enter the email address you want to invite and click “Send Invite”

The user will be prompted to sign up. After they sign up, they’ll be redirected back to the forum. More info is found here from Discourse.


If we turn off open registration I can see this being useful, but I think we should leave it open for now, and also invite individuals as we see fit.

For the invitation system I was thinking a point-based invitation system, but I think open might be better. What do you think?

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Agreed, let’s leave registration open for now. We can always modify registration over time as the community grows.

Adding a note here that mods will be able to modify topics. This will be periodically reviewed.