Interested in joining the Virgo team?

We’re working on an initial set of roles we need to bootstrap Virgo. Please join us in the discussion in the pull request.

In the future, this thread will be used for people to express interest in joining the team.



I’m interested in joining the Virgo team.

Looking through the roles listed at virgo dot org, I’d say that I can probably fit best as either a technical copywriter (I’ve got little experience writing about the environment) or hardware developer, though on the hardware side of things I wouldn’t personally be doing so much of the actual PCB layout/design, but instead leveraging my experience and network in putting together systems. I’ve been told on numerous occasions that I do a good job of making technical concepts more understandable.

I’ve done reviews of the open hardware landscape in the past, and left a teaching job in 2014 to pursue open hardware full time in Shenzhen. At that time, I wanted to build a fully-open phone or tablet for students to use so that they could understand how it works. Since then, some good progress has been made by Purism towards an open mobile phone with their Librem 5, but there’s a long way to go before the entire stack of technologies that make up a mobile phone is opened. The best way to get open devices is to make them. Demand for open components will make open phones drop in price.

So, with regard to open hardware, I can put together designs (component lists, form factors, HW/software specs) and get feedback from highly qualified people/companies on whether they can be brought to reality. I also have a good knowledge of where and how today’s devices are made. I’ve had an obsession with the $15ish (depending on innards) q8 Android tablet design, and am quite familiar with HuaQiangBei in Shenzhen.

Open hardware goes hand in hand with open/censorship resistant communications technologies. With open devices, open networks, open social networks, and open identities, the dream of secure communications free from eavesdropping can be realized, and that’s a dream that matters to me. When the stack is open from top to bottom, we’ll be able to trust our devices.

Speaking of Open Hardware, my feeling is that the best way to get to a fully-open device is to incrementally ship more and more open devices, providing clear information to users about what is, and is not open. I also think that it’s important to ensure that multiple manufacturers are implementing the design. In hardware, volume drives costs down.

In order to help volume grow, I once designed a system of brains+bodies. The “brain” was a compute module, and the body was a laptop, mobile phone, television, or tablet. This system saw production and sales, mostly as a TV box, but also as a linux machine. I still think that this is the right design, as laptops are mobile phones* are tablets are televisions at this point.

*Mobile phones might require their own design-- but also might not. I’d need to do some research on what things are like today versus 2014-6.

I’ve got basic fluency with Go and some experience with the cosmos-sdk, as well. But this probably isn’t my strongest point.

I’m of the view that globally speaking, we’re on the cusp of something great-- or disaster. Seems to me that Virgo is an attempt to swing the pendulum towards greatness, and I’d love to give that pendulum a push.

-Jake (Best contact: @gadikian on twitter)

PS: Fair to say that I’m scrappy & resourceful, and that open HW + Tendermint + Social + Identity is a recurring theme for me: (see: router)

Here’s my LinkedIn Profile:


Hello. My name is Andy Boyan. I am interested in working with Virgo. Your mission and team fits my goals, philosophy, and work culture as far as I can tell, and my experience may be a good fit for several of the needs Virgo has according to the Open Positions page.

I have experience and strong capabilities for the Copywriter position, as well as experience that would lend itself to the NCSA Partnerships position. I am also startup friendly and can adjust my role to needs of an organization.

I currently work for part time doing copywriting and building marketing strategy, campaigns, and copy. I have a portfolio of copywriting work I’d be happy to supply if requested. For my full time work I do market, product, and industry research for traditional fintech Urban FT. In the position I turn my research into whitepapers and industry insights. We use these insights to refine product roadmap goals, target productive verticals for business development, and provide valuable industry insight for our staff, partners, and clients. Previously in a related role I took on public sector business development writing RFPs where I won my first ever RFP with the U.S. Dept of Education, and drove a second with the City of New York to be a finalist (still awaiting final decision).

I am also very familiar with the Cosmos ecosystem as I research and write a monthly Project Tracker blog that covers monthly progress updates from projects using the Cosmos SDK or Tendermint. This is contract work I do for Cosmos validator Cypher Core. I am an ATOM holder and staker, and I try to be an active Cosmos community member.

I am highly skilled at research, writing, collaboration, editing, and partnerships. Before my professional background I was a professor of Communication, and earned my PhD in social science Communication research in 2012. After earning tenure I was hired away by a former student, and dove deep into fintech and decentralized technology. I am also a natural communicator both interpersonally and in a public speaking setting. Teaching those skills for 10+ years seems to have rubbed off on me. My academic publication record is also available on Google Scholar and can be supplied upon request. My research area was new technologies, especially entertainment media, and and how audiences learn to use them.

My dream job is to clearly communicate solutions to problems for causes that are meaningful. A large component of my work across all three of my current occupations is figuring out how to frame and explain complicated technology and systems to a variety of audiences. I do this by playing with language, format, and organization. My goal is (almost) always to cut down my word count by 15% on each editing pass.

I love what Virgo is up to. I am passionate about trying new, weird things because someone needs to. I am one of the many feeling somewhat crippled by nonaction on the climate and corruption across the globe, but as an eternal optimist, I can’t stop myself from looking for projects like this that are aiming to truly make a difference.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask Qs, search me out online, or send funny gifs.

How about some links:

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Hi, My name is Sardar Veerender Singh, I would like to present my application for the position of Community Manager at Virgo. I possess a wide range of knowledge on blockchain and talents that will allow me to contribute toward the success of your project.

My expertise lies in successfully managing customer by providing the right solution. I have over three years of experience working as a customer/technical support agent. I have been working as a community manager for different blockchain projects since 2018.

I currently work as a community manager for Band protocol and FinNexus. I also hold the position of Editor at a technical publication called Goodaudience.

In my previous roles, I have worked as a Technical support agent for AT&T U-verse(247 Inc and Upthinktech global solutions(Nike and Converse). I have also worked as a community manager for Raven Protocol, Open chat Foundation, Sesame Open network, and Telecoin. I’m also working as an ambassador for Insolar, Wanchain and Perlin.

I have the required experience of contacting customers through Phone, Email, and Chat. I have used major social media channels to communicate with the customer and have always worked with great ethics. I have experience in using CRM at my previous organisations. I also possess strong negotiation skills and knowledge about Blockchain.

Please let me know if you need any further information on my profile.

Note: References available upon request.

Thank you
Sardar Veerender Singh
Telegram: @VeersinghD

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Hi Virgo Team,

I am inserted in APAC Partnerships Manager position for Virgo Community.

I have been running my own project regarding to renewables+blockchain for over 4 years and have accumulated various experience with connecting organizations/governments in Asia.
Plus, I also initiated a NGO for cleantech entrepreneurs community in Asia and have launched several smart city hackthons globally.

I am a passionate and persistent entrepreneur in sustainability/blockchain. A jazz drummer and a cat lover.

Looking forward working with Virgo.

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I plan to contribute to the community in general and be very active in taking decision and making proposals. The idea that the team stands behind resonates with my inner value system.

I don’t want to have a full-time position for now but since I have strong technical background ( Front-end developer ) I would like to contribute as much as possible towards that. I’m eager to help you guys with building a better platform / product / community so that everyone will benefits from that.

Just let me know how I can help.

discord: Contemporary Anarchist

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I would like to be actively involved with Virgo, however I am not looking for a full time position.

I have been involved with crypto since 2013 and have watched the eco-system develop while become more and more excited by its possibilities. I would now like to be more formally part of something and Virgo appeals to me a great deal.



Good morning, I am interested in the NCSA Partnerships Manager role. as the role encompasses my three passions: sales, marketing, and health/well being. I would welcome the opportunity to be part of the team, by offering my services.

I have over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, database programming/administration, as well as in Digital Marketing/SEO. Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile and resume:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you

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Hi, I’m interested in the role of Backend Developer. I’ve built several projects in Cosmos, NEAR Protocol, and Ethereum, including one to handle equity and stock trading. I’ve also worked as a Teachers Assistant for Blockchain classes, helped develop the curriculum, tutored students individually to improve their success in Solidity/Truffle/OpenZeppelin, and have followed the blockchain space for quite a long time. I have attached my resume, and provided relevant links below:



I’ve also written several articles on blockchain technology, some of which can be found here:

Position: Product Designer / Graphic Designer

Dear Community, I’m highly interested in contributing to build the other half. With a background in fine arts and design I’m interested in the position of Graphic Designer or Product Designer, depending on your focus and direction. I’ll contribute by building and extending the branding/identity (working on a styleguide), with a focus on high quality UI/UX implementation for apps and website. I’m meeting all of the requested skills. Additionally, I’m highly motivated to extend my skills by learning from devs and share my knowledge and interests with the community.

I can start asap.

References of some previous work can be found here
Please get in contact if interested.


My background is in the practical application of ideas. If one man speaks Greek and one man speaks Comanche then the man who speaks both is the most important.

As it sits the ongoing attempt to regulate cryptocurrency is a great example. I just prepared the first Corporate Tax Return using the new IRS 1099 form. The valuation scheme is way off but eventually it will get there. If we’ve learned anything it’s that a country’s sovereignty no longer protects privacy which at the end of the day privacy is the ONLY protection from taxation and seizure. My degrees are humble: Accounting and Law, My coursework diverse: Finance, ISO Philosophy, Engineering and Physics. My experiences have been empowering: Politics Espionage War and Spirituality. My goal is a true safe place for our digital selves to live as they wish without the overriding threat of well, what the Swiss have become.

Hey everyone, thank you for your interest and patience. We have not forgotten about these proposals. We’re working on getting funding which will open up the Virgo project to recruitment.