(initial/draft) Virgo Manifesto

An initial draft of the Virgo Manifesto is up on github.
I’ll be reading it at CESC to get interest and feedback.
Significant contributions to the manifesto wanted, esp on Github.


We are surrounded by fire.

When you follow the news and reports, you find that there is little hope for our future. and the future of our children.

The system that we have inherited and cocreated has become unsustainable.

Though our potential is unlimited in the long run, we have forgotten how to live in harmony. We have been robbed ourselves, and still we are ourselves stealing from the prosperity of future generations.

For the sake of consumption powered by capitalism.

Capitalism is combustion. One’s superior ability to accumulate capital begets more capital exponentially. Capitalism is the most magnificent fire that is engulfing this planet today.

Power begets power, oil begets oil, and when left unchecked, capitalism extinguishes itself.

(do we really need to be eating cows?)

When the power of combustion is harnessed in a macro-economic design to bring sustenance and harmony and balance to this ecosystem which we all reside, then we may have a chance of surviving, and fulfilling our collective destiny.

That is, to harness the power of our sun, to reach out to the stars, to spread out and multiply, the joy of our being.

As Carl Sagan said, “We’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself”

And this star dust just wants to finally feel at home, and at peace and in love with ourselves, and at peace with the laws of the universe.

While Capitalism may appear to be an unstoppable force, the fact of the matter is, capital and private property are constructs of our collective hallucination. It is people who enforce property laws. Our minds are open enough to consider different ways of being.

And we must. Unless we want to find ourselves completely surrounded by the machines of private property, and become discarded, as the prophet James Cameron had forewarned us about,

We must each use our voices, that we have always had but never had the opoertunity to use, and sing out loud with a thunder, that pearces through the fabric of this constructed hallucination, and change the tune of our reality, for the progression of this song called humanity.

Today we are given a golden opportunity to harness the gift of computing in our hands, and communication at the speed of light, to reimagine where we as a collective society decide to devote our collective focus and power.

And by the nature of free voluntary trade using our tools, we can make this transition entirely peaceful, to synthesize a new beginning that transcends the false duality of capitalism vs socialism.

Under no authority, and with no preconceived notion of nations, and the way we have been considering borders and citizenship.

Time is in short supply. We are dealing with an apocolyptic set of unfolding tragedies. A deteriorating environment, worsening global warming and climate change, soon to be causing the loss of power and electricty, and food shortages, the worsening ecnonomy, through the popping of a global pyramid scheme, responsible for the exploitation of people, and our natural resources.

(what color is the air?)

The racket of war, for oil and power, already disintegrating contentental unions.

And in the greatest superpowers we see, the tolerance and acceptance of darkness, of opacity and unaccountability, and decay into tyrrany.

We must not compromise on our core values. Of transparency, accountability, and, not just of sustainablity, but of regenerative environmental integration, (for we are tenders of the earth), and of democracy and equality, and of open mindedness.

By fully committing to our common core values, of transparency, accountability, environmental stewardship. of providing voice and exit, of democracy, security, and efficiency, of open mindedness and dialog, of cooperation, if we truly commit to our core values, if we organize these ecommunities to be decentralized and autonomous yet connected,

Then from the votes of the people, with our hands and feet lead by our reason, with our attention and associations, with our words and allegiences, with radical transparency, the right communities will emerge and prosper.

When moon? No, When Virgo.

When the software that powers our social networking and communications are completely open source and free, with privacy well integrated and enabled by default, and there exists not one monopoly or an oligopoly but a vast federation of networks speaking a common protocol for interoperability.

When the protocols are well designed enough for multiple implementations to compete to provide constructive dialog & information discovery, and also designed to enable our long term happiness and well-being.

When our mobile and desktop devices are completely open and free designs, such that anyone could manufacture them, and that we can know with near certainty that our devices in our hands are secure and not compromised by any authority.

When the world has become so saturated with open source, when it becomes the norm, where genuine contributions are rewarded automagically.

When our hardware devices are optimized not only for usabiiity, but also for waste reduction and reusability via modularity, and to take into account the full cycle of manufacturing to disposal in the cost of things, rather than designed for profits from consumerism.

When our social services and public agencies are not held hostage by executive incompetence, but are comprised of a network of interoperating decentralized autonomous organizations.

When we have trust in our institutions by virtue of the openness and transparency and accountability.

When our representatives are not merely talking heads on censored media channels, but are people that we know through our exposure, accounting for different areas of expertise,

When we synthesize these open and free software, hardware, protocols, procedures, and data to make intelligent collective decisions for resource management, and to enable radically transparent operation which is necessary for accountability, but also to facilitate constructive dialog.

When it all comes together to enable human coordination at all scales, from social groups to corporations and coops to international communities united under a common mission, to states and munical governments with a public engaged in democracy,

When all the people of the earth feel that their voices are heard and that it matters,

When our internet infrastructure becomes sufficiently open and resilient, when censorship becomes impossible due to the nature of an incentivized networking protocol owned and operated by each local community.

When our financial system is deisgned to give power to the people and envirionment it should serve, rather than bow to the hollow,

When no authority has the ability to dictate which monetary system one can use by decree, but rather when we the buyers and sellers get to vote with our crypto wallets, what causes to support, such as via the adoptionn and holding of a local currency, where inflationary issuances and voluntary tax revenues are used to fund for common infrastructure development; not by virtue of legislation, but goodwill and social cohesion.

When our financial system is designed to heal the people and the planet on which they depend, rather than incentivize the exploitation of it.

When we are given the opportunity to master any aspect of the technological infrastructure on which our livelihoods depend,

When we no longer need to expend our time and livelihood accounting for our taxes,

When all of these new systems work together to heal the planet and our sense of greater community bound by love not hate and fear.


Great manifesto!

I think that, although the specifics of many modern problems may be new, their structural nature is usually not, and first delving into the academic & amateur research literature will save us time in analyzing how best to tackle them.

Some sources which might be helpful (perhaps we should compile a Virgo research anthology):


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Huh that’s odd. We need a Discourse expert to help us tweak this system.

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That’s the default reputation and permissioning system. It’s a bit like StackExchange, you gain reputation and permission over time and promote through levels. As admin/owner, you can manually promote people in the settings.


Yup developed by the same developer.

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This Manifesto is a courageous declaration of hope. Perhaps we are facing an opportunity to plant the seed of a new civilization.

We must contribute to it, with great care, responsability and affection. That’s the correct thing to do.

Interesting project, Jae!

Initial thoughts on the manifesto: I like where you’re going with this but I wonder if there aren’t some ways to make some of these points in a more straightforward way. You use equally strong language while making some of your points more clear. For example:

When no authority has the ability to dictate which monetary system one can use by decree, but rather when we the buyers and sellers get to vote with our crypto wallets, what causes to support, such as via the adoptionn and holding of a local currency, where inflationary issuances and voluntary tax revenues are used to fund for common infrastructure development; not by virtue of legislation, but goodwill and social cohesion.

could instead be written as:

When no authority has the ability to dictate the use of any specific monetary system or currency

When citizens choose their means of exchange or monetary system not by force of legislation, but based upon its utility and the social values that the system upholds

excited to see what unfolds here! :slight_smile:


I guess the manifesto is written in a complicated way intentionally.