Idea: Conflict Zone

Conflict Zone

Prototype idea:

The conflict Zone is a platform which contains of zones where people talk about local conflicts/problems and possible solutions. With this community created knowledge people can create Campaigns to tackle and prevent those conflicts/problems. People vote for the campaigns. 1 Person 1 Vote.

Zones are categorized in continent --> country --> state --> city / village. Everyone can participate in any zone. Campaigns can mine Virgo Tokens based on the impact a campaign has. Campaign validators are people who check the progress of local campaigns in order to verify / document the progress of campaigns. Through the work of validators campaigns can mine Virgo Tokens. To become a validator you need a proof of location / existence / uniqueness through for example brightID App and/or Sovrin. To get a higher score as a validator and therefore get a higher chance of getting chosen from the validator pool, you need connect with other validators (local people) within you region by joining or creating validator hubs (local groups) within the zone.